Dimitri Bottier

The production of a custom-made shoe

The stages of production

by Dimitri Bottier

The measurement

To make your shoes, Dimitri first takes measurements of your feet. He starts by drawing the contour of the shape with a pen held at 90°. This angle is a prerequisite for a perfect marking. Then he takes notes of the location of phalanges, the metatarsus and protrusions. He measures down to the millimeter the axis, the circumference, the height, the width and the length of your feet, the insteps, the big toes and every joint.

Elaboration of the last
Measurement and symmetry

The last is a replica of your foot that Dimitri makes with wood from your measurements. It is different for each model that you would request. After taking your measurements and your footprint - it determines the weight distribution of your body- Dimitri assesses the symmetry of your toes, calibrates the instep and the size of the toes, calculates the height of your big toe and the arch of the instep. These are key criteria to ensure the utmost comfort.


The most important criteria for comfort is the assessment of the arch, a part that includes the instep and it supports the body weight when the foot is moving. Dimitri then chooses the size of the shoe depending on the dimension of the heel. He determines the height of the quarter : not too high so that it does not rub against the foot as you walk. The challenge in creating the shape consists of taking into account all your measurements without jeopardizing the architectonic beauty of the shoe. This stage needs around twenty hours of work.


Dimitri cuts the shoe's upper following the last.

The fitting of the shoe (a template)

Dimitri opens the shoe for a first fitting to assess the movement of your foot inside the shoe.

The upper's cut
The assembly

The upper is drying on the last for two days so that it takes the shape of the last. It is then sewed. The assembly and the stitching of the shoe require around 70 different steps.


The finishing

Finally comes the finishing : Dimitry cuts the welt, trims the heels, polishes the sole and adds the insole. Shined, polished with chamois leather, the shoe is ready to wear.

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